The Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation

Rendering of proposed rehabilitated Lincoln High School athletic field

Formed in the Spring of 2011, The Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation (KWSF) brought together a diverse group of Lincoln High School ex-athletes and alumni dedicated to preserving the legacy of one of Southern California’s most revered athletes and promoting the long overdue rehabilitation of the LHS sports stadium and athletic facilities to be named in his honor.

We see the long term stadium project as an opportunity to create a more interactive connection between the school site and the surrounding neighborhood, while concurrently giving a sense of pride to future generations of Lincoln students.  To that end, the Foundation will utilize the energy, spirit and gathered assets from our Annual Kenny Washington Memorial Games and other related KWSF events to promote strategic partnerships with government leaders, educational endowments, sports institutions and corporate sponsors to achieve the ultimate goal of creating a state-of-the-art sports facility for our school and community.

Currently the KWSF is comprised of a founding Board of Directors plus three honorary Board members. At the present time we are a registered California corporation and a start-up non-profit with all appropriate documents for 501(c)3 documentation pending. With our current status we are able to actively seek business support and corporate partners to collaborate with in the pursuit of our immediate and long-term goals. Funds contributed to the Foundation are tax-deductible as per guidelines with the IRS.

The Kenny Washington Stadium Foundation is an autonomous organization and not affiliated with the Lincoln High School Alumni Association.