Kenny Washington with Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren

Kenny Washington’s post sports career included roles as an actor in Hollywood films, a distinguished career as an LAPD officer, celebrity product endorsements, various civic leadership positions, and work as a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Kenny was a regular at Lincoln High School football games throughout his career as a professional athlete and in his later years. Vintage photographs show him sitting on the sidelines with the team during games. Images from past yearbooks show a smiling Kenny attending sports banquets and personally handing out awards. Kenny would frequently visit the campus as both a role model and proud former Tiger usually accompanied by his Uncle Rocky – he was someone always available when called upon. Kenny was a member in good standing of the Lincoln High Alumni Association until his passing. Many alumni today can recall a firm handshake or quiet personal words of wisdom shared from Kenny who always left a sense of admiration in those he personally met with.

Upon his untimely death in 1971 at the age of 51, newspapers across the country wrote glowing obituaries and tributes about this gifted man from Lincoln Heights.

A documentary film on the life of Kenny Washington entitled: “Hero from the City of Angels” is currently in production and slated to be completed in early 2014.

Without a doubt, he was the greatest Lincoln Tiger of all.